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OutdoorPros.com Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • 7% Sales Commission Base
  • Earn bonuses based on performance
  • 60 Day Cookies
  • Free Data Feeds
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Sales and Promotional Features like Free Shipping, Coupons, Discounts and Deals
  • Successful affiliates may be eligible for higher commission rates, programs or other incentives
  • PPC Allowed

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OutdoorPros.com offers its customers thousands of Outdoors products in a variety of categories; including Apparel, Camping & Hiking Gear, Cutlery, Travel, Hobbies, Electronics, Tactical Gear, Outdoor Leisure, Skateboarding and more. Individuals and businesses can shop quickly and easily through tens of thousands of products at OutdoorPros.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OutdoorPros.com aims to make buying outdoors products online easy, our friendly and courteous staff can help answer customer’s questions quickly and easily online via email or live chat, or on the phone. Through our strong relationship with the world's leading distributors, OutdoorPros.com gives customers direct access to the latest, most popular and hard-to-find products available.

Affiliate Program Guidelines:
7% Sales Commission Base. Successful affiliates may be eligible for higher commission rates, programs or other incentives.
Any commission amounts earned for canceled or returned products will be adjusted accordingly.
Commissions will not be paid out to affiliates who frequently generate canceled, returned, duplicate or fraudulent orders.
OutdoorPros.com™ is a trademark of OutdoorPros.com.
OutdoorPros.com reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate any commission rates, programs or other incentives at any time.
Program guidelines will be strictly enforced by OutdoorPros.com.
Our program is non-exclusive.
We have programs on more than one affiliate network, because of this we will look for the newest affiliate cookie (last click in), and credit sales accordingly.

PPC Bidding Terms:
Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on the following keywords, combinations or variations thereof, in any Online Marketing platform:

OutdoorPros.com, Outdoor Pros, OutdoorsPros, OutdoorsPro, Out door pros, Out doors pro, the outdoorpros, the outdoor pros or any combination or variation thereof.

Other Program Guidelines:
Paid and unpaid advertisements may not directly link to, redirect to, forward to, or resolve to OutdoorPros.com, OutdoorPros.com's url http://www.OutdoorPros.com or any other page, directory or subdomain of http://www.OutdoorPros.com. Paid and unpaid advertisements must link to the affiliate's websites. Affiliates may not register variations of the OutdoorPros.com domain name or link to OutdoorPros.com from any variation of the OutdoorPros.com domain. Paid advertisements may not use variations of the OutdoorPros.com domain in the ad copy or display url of the advertisement.

Affiliates must adhere to search engine (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc), third party and or other agreements for websites or services they are using to promote our products or websites. Affiliates may not deceive (spam) search engines, users or other services/websites by means of hidden text, cloaking, deceptive redirects or doorway pages, etc. OutdoorPros.com does not condone the use of SPAM. Unsolicited email generated by affiliates is grounds for permanent deactivation of the affiliate account and forfeiture of all earned commission.

Affiliates in violation of these terms may be removed from OutdoorPros.com's affiliate program immediately. Affiliates in violation of these terms could immediately have their commission rate set to 0%. Once the affiliate is no longer in violation of these terms and has notified OutdoorPros.com that the terms have been removed, OutdoorPros.com may reinstate a commission rate. If any commission is earned by an affiliate while the affiliate is in violation of these terms, the commission will not be paid out or will be reversed immediately if it has been paid out. Affiliates may also be removed if they are not representing our brand or our websites appropriately. OutdoorPros.com retains the right to remove any affiliate from our programs for any reason, without cause.

OutdoorPros.com coupons and OutdoorPros.com promotions are available for use by our affiliates through our affiliate programs. Please view the links, coupons, discounts or promotions section of the affiliate network for our program for details, requirements and restrictions for OutdoorPros coupons or OutdoorPros discounts.

Thank you for researching and or joining our affiliate program your hard work and consideration is greatly appreciated.