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Backpackers Checklist

The Means of A Check List

Packing a backpack seems like an easy task, until you are on the trail and forget one of the most essential items. We have prepared this infographic as well as the corresponding text to help you always pack exactly what you need. So go ahead and check it out. If you want to put it on your site there is code at the bottom as well.

backpacker checklist
Infographic from the Backpacker Checklist on OutdoorPros.com

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Backpacker's Basics

Backpacker's Essentials

Ski Accessories

  • Waxes/skins
  • Scraper
  • Cork
  • Skis
  • Poles
  • Boots
  • Spare parts
  • Tools


Group Equipment

Winter Camp Equipment



How to Pack

Start with your sleeping bag in the bottom for a solid foundation. Put the heaviest items like your clothing, food, and cooking gear in the main compartment, keeping the weight close to your back, nearest your center of gravity. For men, this is higher, and for women it tends to be lower, towards the small of the back. Top off your pack with lighter items like your tent, maps or guides and anything you may need quickly at any particular moment like cameras, or chap stick etc. If you are unsure if everything is packed correctly try it on and walk a few steps around and see how it feels. Remember that the heaviest part of your pack should be towards the center or small of your back.

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